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G-POWER M3-M4 – 560 hp and 720 Nm puts it at the top of the supercar league


G-POWER BMW M4 F82 Schmiederad forged wheel HURRICANE RRThe star billing in BMW’s current M portfolio, the F8X series M3/M4 now receives a performance upgrade from G-POWER centred on their in-house developed Bi-Tronik 2 V2.

Boosting output to 560 hp / 412 kW with 720 Nm of torque, this conversion catapults the Bavarian super saloon/coupe to 100km/h from a standing start in just 3.8 seconds.

In line with G-POWER’s seven high-speed world records, a customer can also request the remap to include removal of the factory Vmax limitation, raising top speed to a theoretical 330km/h. In reality, the car will achieve around 310km/h. (more…)

BMW F82 M4 With Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels


2015 Vorstein BMW F82 M4 V-FF103 Front AngleVorsteiner is becoming a household name in Germany. Thanks to our official German dealership ATT-TEC, we are able to showcase our products on some of the finest sports cars in that country.

The German car enthusiasts are well-known for their high expectations and high appreciation for quality aftermarket parts. This particular customer base requires their aftermarket parts to conform to the highest standards in design, engineering and manufacturing and utmost professional service as well. (more…)

Black Sapphire BMW M4 On Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels


2015 BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels Front AngleThis BMW F82 M4 comes courtesy of ATT-TEC and it features a set of Vorsteiner wheels. The vehicle is a Black Sapphire M4 Coupe, properly lowered and with aggressive outer looks.

The wheels are part of the Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheel lineup. These are lightweight, exert supreme strength and showcase utmost perfection in fitment. They are available in Dark Bronze, Mercury Silver, Brushed Aluminum, Carbon Graphite and Mystic Black. (more…)

Vorsteiner – All New EVO Front and Rear Deck Lid Spoiler for the M4


2015 Vorsteiner BMW M4 Evo Front AngleFor over three decades, BMW’s M Division has set the bar on how factory performance cars should be; a perfect meld of form and function. The current F82 M4 coupe carries on that tradition with a blend of exhilarating performance and elegant styling. (more…)

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 102 for BMW M4


2015 Vorsteiner BMW M4 Flow Forged V-FF 102 Front AngleThe Mineral White M4 is fitted with the V-FF 102 wheel in Carbon Graphite. The size for this application is a staggered fitment consisting of 20×9.5 with a standard concavity front profile and 20×10.5 deep concavity rear profile.

The Vorsteiner V-FF 102 wheels are made using an advanced flow forging process that helps to create an ultra-dense composition, allowing less material to be used to achieve a given strength. This helps to reduce weight, which can make a world of difference at the wheel hub. (more…)

Bigger is Better – V-FF 103 Now Available in 21″ for BMW M5 and M6 Models


2015 Vorsteiner BMW M5 V-FF 103 Front AngleThe V-FF 103 is now available in 21” for BMW’s M5 and M6 models.

Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels are made using a special flow forging process that uses rollers to forge aluminum alloy and create a dense, lightweight molecular structure. The V-FF 103 wheels were also designed with an architecture that can withstand the stress from spirited driving with ease. (more…)

Vorsteiner Front Spoiler for BMW F32 4 Series Coupe M Sport


Vorsteiner Front Spoiler for BMW F32 4 Series Coupe M SportVorsteiner is proud to announce the anticipated launch of the lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic product line for the BMW F32 4 Series Coupe M Sport.

Add the final touches to your BMW F32 4 Series with the all new add on front spoiler to compliment the existing M-Sport styling for a more aggressive aesthetic.

The front spoiler increases visual appeal and aerodynamic downforce without dramatically affecting ground clearance. Our studio engineers designed the new front spoiler to hug and accentuate the lines of the bumper while directing more air into the openings of the front radiators to improve cooling. (more…)

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 103 and Aero Program


2015 Vorsteiner BMW M6 Carbon Graphite V-FF 103 Front AngleThis BMW M6 features the Carbon Graphite V-FF 103 Wheels in a staggered 21×9.5 front, and 21×11 rear fitment utilizing a concave profile in the front and a deep concave profile for the rear. Also fitted to this M6 is our Aero Side Blades, Rear Deck Lid Spoiler, Rear Diffuser and our newest GTS-V Front Spoiler. (more…)

Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels and F8x M4 Evo Aero Program


2015 Vorsteiner BMW M4 Evo Aero Program Front AngleThis BMW M4 features our newest Aero Front Spoiler and Evo Deck Lid Spoiler made in our signature PrePreg Carbon Fiber. Also fitted to the vehicle are our 20″ Flow Forged V-FF 102 Wheels in Carbon Graphite in addition to the GTS Diffuser & Exhaust Tip Set. (more…)

Vorsteiner BMW F82 M4 EVO with Carbon Graphite V-FF 102 Wheels


2015 Vorsteiner BMW F82 M4 EVO Front AngleThis BMW F82 M4 features Carbon Graphite V-FF 102 Wheels in a staggered 20×9.5 front, and 20×10.5 rear fitment utilizing a concave profile front and deep concave profile for the rear. Also fitted to this M4 is our newest Evo Front Spoiler, Evo Deck Lid Spoiler and Diamond Black Exhaust Tip Set. (more…)

Vorsteiner At Bimmerfest Showcase


Vorsteiner At Bimmerfest ShowcaseThe 2015 Bimmerfest has been a successful event. It attracted several prominent BMW-focused tuning companies, hundreds of project vehicles and thousands of spectators. It is by far one of the largest BMW gatherings in United States. Overall, the event was a success. Even with the weather not cooperating much this year. (more…)

Vorsteiner BMW F10 5-Series M-Sport


2015 Vorsteiner BMW F10 5-Series M-Sport Front AngleBMW F10 5-Series M-Sport is fitted with the V-FF 102 Flow Forged Wheels in Carbon Graphite. Also featured are our front spoiler, rear diffuser, and deck lid spoiler all in our signature PrePreg carbon fiber. (more…)