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Vilner BMW E38 750 V12


Vilner has unveiled their latest project based on BMW E38 750 V12. The top-of-range 7-series received a lot of styling modifications mainly for the interior.

The exterior boasts DRLs incorporated in the halogens, a new rear wing mounted on the boot and 19” Z-Performance Wheels.

The interior boasts full leather and Alcantara upholstery almost on all parts including the rearview mirror. The dashboard has been dressed in grey leather as well as the mechanisms of the belts. There is a decorative stitching in white on the doors and the seats. (more…)

2013 Vilner BMW Bullshark


This is our latest work of art – BMW Bullshark. The name of the project comes from the English name for the species Bull shark. Our goal was to bring back part of the forms of the sea predator, which are typical for the older models and to weave them harmoniously with the future in the way we see it. (more…)

Vilner BMW 5-Series F10


The high-quality materials used: white leather for the seats and for the internal par of the doors, the lower part of the panel; and black Alcantara for the attic and the inner part of the seats. The leading motive is the red line, which is featured in key parts of the coupe and makes a great accent on the gearshift and the steering wheel.