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The TUNINGWERK M135i Version


TUNINGWERK M135i VersionThe top model of the recent BMW 1 series, the M135i with its exhaust gas turbo charged straight-six-engine, offers a quite excellent optimization starting basis for track day and street. Thus, nevertheless, sounds the credo of the Bavarian TUNINGWERK GmbH at Puchheim, west of Munich.
To take the relatively unspectacularly looking gray BMW M135i for a gray mouse could be a fatal error. Oftentimes, starting point no. 1 is the factory-set software, so also in this case. Moreover, the engine of the test car (with manual gear) is equipped by a two kgs lighter dual mass flywheel. Optionally, there is also available a single mass flywheel with about 4,5 kgs of weight economy and, also, a reinforced clutch. Both of these options are not possible for automatic gears. (more…)

Tuningwerk BMW 7-Series 760iL


BMW 7-Series 760iL received a serious upgrade package from the German specialists – Tuningwerk. The long wheelbase version of the model is boosted to whopping 720PS (530 kW) and 1090Nm (804 lb-ft) of torque.

The performance is rather impressive – 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h (218 mph). More is better, but in terms of power, but the weight has been reduced for maximum performance.

The huge car is 120 kg lighter than the original version thanks to some carbon fiber parts including lightweight carbon-ceramic brakes and a new sport exhaust system. The total weight of the car is 2030 kg.

The price is hefty, too. Tuningwerk BMW 7-Series 760iL costs €198 000, which is decent for such comfort and speed. This is the fastest full-size luxury car on the planet. (more…)




The fact that the TUNINGWERK company specializes in BMW models, has geographical grounds, as Puchheim is a catchment area of Munich and probably rather the other way round. The BMW head office is situated in Munich. On the other hand, the question was only in time for the well-acknowledged BMW models that the 1st BMW M-Version would appear. TUNINGSWERK has given it no other name than the 1st M RS.

The motor, also referred to as engine, was completely modified. The transmission of the back axis was shortened up to 3.25 transmission ratios, optionally 3.45 are also possible. As a differential locking it has a suitable for the power to weight ratio Drexler lock. The cooling system was completely modified, including the second oil cooler. The model has a titanic exhaust system. The engine clutch has unconditionally optimized stability, it is well suited for the city traffic, and herewith a racing clutch is possible. (more…)