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IND BMW M235i Blue Ice


2015 IND BMW M235i Blue Ice Front AngleWhy not an M2? Why not a Porsche? Why an M235i? Why modify any car to this extent? Simply put, IND’s Portfolio Program has never offered clients the easy way out. It is far easier to purchase one of the many incredible varieties of 911, and have Porsche build it to suit. It is far easier to begin with a more extravagant car, and simply add wheels, suspension, and an exhaust system. (more…)

IND BMW E92 M3 and IND BMW F10 M5


iND returns with a new, exciting M project. This time around, the Chicago-based company takes on the challenge to enhance two already amazing M automobiles for the same customer: the E92 M3 and F10 M5.

Here is how the story of the project came together:

“Our clients are our best asset” has been repeated here at IND for so many years that it has become a sort of mantra for all of us here. Clients like Louis are proof of our consistent good fortune. (more…)

BMW M3 E92 and M5 F10 Tuned By IND


We all know that IND is a great tuning performance company and they have proved that more than once. “Our clients are our best asset” has been repeated in their garage for so many years that it has become a sort of mantra for all the people working there.

Their newest customer – Louis hasn’t made a mistake when he asked them for consultation about his two beasts M3 and M5.The first idea was some small steps improving these two cars to be made but lately Louis gave IND the creative freedom they have really needed the whole time. The new color schemes and combinations are absolutely stunning. The M3 is a result of this creative freedom, with the Lamborghini Rosso Vik BBS FI wheels and ESS Supercharger manifold attesting to the fact that Louis is not afraid to add a bit of color and excitement to his modified cars. (more…)

BMW M5 F10 Tuned by IND


When BMW showed the world their next M5 (F10)  masterpiece people were simply dazzled. The car is beyond engineering marvel- it is a statement from BMW, a pure testament to the incredible level of excellence possible by this company.
To move beyond what BMW delivered from the factory is an outreaching task but for the IND company sounds like a challenge.

With the SEMA show going on, the IND engineers are ready to unveil stage 1 of the IND BMW M5. The car’s current state is not only its first iteration in development, it’s also a mission statement- a preview of the car’s future direction. The car’s dynamics, appearance, sound, and safety equipment are modified with the intent to maintain the look and feel of a BMW special edition car. (more…)

IND BMW F30 328i


– 3D Design front lip
– 19″ BBS CH-R wheels [19×8.5 ET32/19×9.5 ET35]
– Yellow M Performance Brakes

A little surprise from the guys at 3D Design Japan. Originally they planned on sending our first batch of F30 kits August 27th, but a box arrived with a pleasant surprise (more…)