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CLP Automotive BMW X6 Wide-body kit


CLP Automotive has announced their tuning program for BMW X6. It consists of a new wide-track and wide-body kit for the SAC. The name of the program is Bruiser and you can see, why.

CLP adds 50mm to the track of BMW X6 by adding a new front bumper with a large central air vent, wide front fenders, modified side skirts, new door panels, different rear bumper and of course widened quarter panels. To complete the exterior package you can order a rear spoiler, which is also available.

The widened X6 needs bigger wheels and the choice is just perfect – 11J x 23” at the front and brutal 12.5J x 23” at the rear fitted with ultra-low-profile tires. CLP also adds a new sport exhaust system for deeper sound. (more…)