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2014 PP-Performance BMW M6 RS800 Gran Coupe


PP Performance BMW M6 RS800 Gran Coupe 2014 Front Angle 2014 PP Performance BMW M6 RS800 Gran CoupeMany people think that BMW 6 series Gran Coupé was actually the nicest BMW, offered by the Munich car company. One of the fastest, the top model M6 is in any case, not only subjectively, but also corresponding to the manufacturer’s technical data sheet. Nevertheless, as it is often in life, there are customers who are simply not satisfied by 560 serial HP. Also in the car’s outer appearance they see some need for optimization. (more…)

BMW F06 640i Gran Coupe Vinyl Wrapped Matte Blue


BMW F06 640i Gran Coupe Vinyl Wrapped Matte Blue BMW F06 640i Gran Coupe Vinyl Wrapped Matte BlueApplying a matte wrap to a BMW has been popular lately. The matte color gives the vehicle a subtle and understated finish that looks rather clean and accentuates the body shapes and lines. But at the same time, frozen/matte colors can be controversial. People either love it or simply dislike it!

This BMW F06 640i Gran Coupe has been treated with a Matte Blue vinyl wrap. Just a few steps below the highly touted M6, the BMW 640i Gran Coupe is a perfect blend of performance, fuel economy, appearance and price, all in one vehicle. (more…)

Java Green BMW M6 Gran Coupe


Java Green BMW M6 Gran Coupe 2014 Front Angle Java Green BMW M6 Gran CoupeBMW Abu Dhabi Motors is slowly become a source of inspiration for those looking to tune and modify their cars. Almost every week, the Middle East dealership is showcasing a new and exciting modded BMW, and this week makes no exception.

A BMW M6 Gran Coupe gets a special color from the BMW Individual catalog: Java Green. The first Java Green BMW was unveiled in 2011 when the last 1M rolled of the production line in Leipzig and stood out with the striking tone of green. (more…)

BMW Motorsport Developing the BMW M6 GT3 for the 2016 season


BMW M6 GT3 2014 Front Angle BMW Motorsport Developing the BMW M6 GT3 for the 2016 seasonBMW Motorsport will add a new chapter to its success story in GT racing in 2016. The BMW M6 GT3 will replace the BMW Z4 GT3, which has been in action since 2010. Development work on the new car is already in full swing. The first tests with the car, which is based in the BMW M6 Coupé, are planned for the first quarter of 2015. Customers will be able to purchase the BMW M6 GT3 from the end of 2015, allowing them to compete in the 2016 BMW Sports Trophy with the new car. Orders will be accepted over the course of 2015. The exact date, from which orders can be placed, will be announced at a later date. (more…)

One of The World’s Strongest BMW M6 Gran Coupe is made by G-POWER


G POWER BMW M6 Gran Coupe 2014 Front Angle One of The World’s Strongest BMW M6 Gran Coupe is made by G POWERTherefore G-POWER is using the hidden potential of the BMW M6 Gran Coupé for a power output enhancement of awesome 150 hp and 210 Nm of torque. The G-POWER Bi-Tronik 5 V4 pushes the factory 560 hp/ 680 Nm to 710 hp/ 890 Nm.

The basis for the electronic output increase is the fact that G-POWER, in contrast to the manufacturer, does not use standard software full of compromises but an individual solution for the engine. Among others, the parameters for the amount of fuel and the ignition timing are modified depending on the increased boost level. In case of the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 5, these modifications are made by a micro-processor that is patched in before the standard BMW ECU. Of course all standard protection and diagnostic functions of the original BMW ECU stay untouched. During the engineering process of the latest generation of the successful Bi-TRONIK the G-POWER R&D department has transferred its experience from the area of supercharging to the turbocharged BMW engines. After all, the ASA supercharger used for the G-POWER supercharger systems is closely related to the turbochargers featured by BMW, since both units us a centrifugal compressor to build up boost. (more…)

The Black Sapphire BMW M6


Vorsteiner BMW F13 M6 Coupe 2014 front The Black Sapphire BMW M6What highlights this BMW M6 from many black coupes on the road is the subtle contrast from Black to Carbon. The pearlescent paint on the Black Sapphire Metallic F13 is a perfect blend of deep and dark, accented by our signature 2×2 carbon weave and Matte Gunmetal VSE-003 Wheels. Featured on this vehicle built by Turner Motorsport is our front spoiler, rear diffuser, deck lid spoiler and 21” VSE-003 Monoblock wheels in Matte Gunmetal. (more…)

BMW 640d Gran Coupe – Amazing Scenes From One Of The Best Roads In The World


BMW 640d Gran Coupe Front Angle BMW 640d Gran Coupe   Amazing Scenes From One Of The Best Roads In The WorldBMWBLOG and QuadcoptersRO paired up to bring you the best BMW video we have ever shot. The main character of this short, yet amazing video is the BMW 640d Gran Coupe, while the supporting actor is one of the best driving roads in the world: Transfagarasan Pass in Transylvania.

The 6 Series Gran Coupe is labeled by many as the best looking BMW in the current lineup. With elegant lines, great proportions and dynamic stance, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe turns heads on any road. But to best show its looks, an aerial view works best. (more…)

BMW 650i Gran Coupe By SR Auto Group


BMW 650i Gran Coupe By SR Auto Group Front Angle BMW 650i Gran Coupe By SR Auto GroupToday’s feature brings together two firsts in one package. This was our first time working on a BMW 650i Gran Coupe, as well as utilizing the brand new PUR Rs08 design.

We dived head first into the uncharted territory that is the Gran Coupe. To begin with, we installed a set of H&R lowering springs to eliminate the factory wheel gap. (more…)

BMW M6 Coupe Individual Marco Wittmann


BMW M6 Coupe Individual Marco Wittmann t BMW M6 Coupe Individual Marco WittmannBMW ///M has unveiled the new M6 Coupe F13 Marco Wittmann Individual Edition. It comes with a unique exterior and a lot of interior upgrades.

The exterior boasts a Fire Orange paint with high-gloss black accents on the grille, mirrors and window trim. The interior features black Merino leather seats and Kyalami Orange contrast stitching. Other highlights include a steering wheel upholstered in Alcantara, carbon fiber elements and of course Fire Orange accents. (more…)

Prior Design BMW M6 GranCoupe


Prior Design BMW M6 GranCoupe t5 Prior Design BMW M6 GranCoupePrior Design has announced their latest project based on BMW M6 GranCoupe. The name of the project is PD6XX and comes with both styling and performance upgrades.

The exterior comes with a new front bumper, a ventilated front hood and a pair of extended side skirts. There are also wider fenders (front and rear) as well as a ventilated rear bumper, a new rear spoiler and a high gloss black rear diffuser. Other highlights include a set of 10.5J x 20” front and 12.5J x 20” ADV1 alloy wheels fitted with ultra-low profile Dunlop Sport Maxx tires. (more…)

2014 BMW M6 GranCoupe F06 Individual


2014 BMW M6 GranCoupe F06 Individual t1 2014 BMW M6 GranCoupe F06 IndividualBMW has announced an Individual program for M6 GranCoupe F06. The one-off model comes with styling upgrades for the exterior and the interior.

The exterior of Individual M6 GranCoupe features a Frozen Red paint scheme with dark chrome accents and gold-painted brake calipers which reside behind attractive alloy wheels fitted with performance tires.

The interior boasts Opal White Merino leather seats with black leather-wrapped dashboard and Sakhir Orange stitching. The model has also been equipped with piano black trim, Frozen Red accents and embossed headrests. Last but not least, there are the special floor mats and BMW Individual sill plates. (more…)

Prior Design BMW M6 F13 Pickup [render]


Prior Design BMW M6 F13 Pickup tt Prior Design BMW M6 F13 Pickup [render]Prior Design has published a render picture of BMW M6 F13 Pickup. For now it is just an idea, but Prior actually said that it could become a reality. There is a lot of positive feedback from fans on the Facebook page of Prior Design.

The tuning package for M6 F13 Pickup by Prior Design includes  new front bumper, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler and carbon fiber fins. There is also a new ventilated hood, a pair of widened side skirts and extended wheel arches. The rear bumper is also new and comes with an integrated diffuser.

BMW M6 F13 Coupe is powered by a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 (S63B44TU) – 560HP (412 kW) at 6,600RPM and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque available at just 1,500RPM. 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds (more…)